lördag 3 oktober 2015

Video: Stefan Molyneux om självviskhet och parasitism

Bidrar du med något till världen eller är du bara en parasit som lever på andra? Tror du dig tillhöra det goda, de som vill det absolut goda? Bra video, sevärd och som får åtminstone mig att reflektera över mina dåliga sidor.

Stefan Molyneux om självviskhet och parasitism:

0:45 “So you have nothing to offer the diluted, because the diluted do not want truth, reason and evidence. They are living into the illusion sustained by violence and counterfeiting; the force of taxation and the counterfeiting of fiat currency is what sustains there delusions. So the only people they wanna listen to are the people who deny reality and enhance their delusion.” - Stefan Molyneux

11:00 “But if you don´t have twenty people in your life who rather have you in their life than a thousand dollars, you aint living right. You are doing something wrong. People don’t like you. They don’t care about you, they don’t love you. You are not providing value to others, you are living selfishly! You are not making the world a better place! You are not helping other people; you are not enriching their lives!” - Stefan Molyneux

17:35 Stefan Molyneux portraying the people of no reason:

“I´m selfish, I don’t help the world. Nobody loves me and I don’t want to accept those consequences. And I shore as hell don’t want to have to start being nice, so I´m just gonna vote for free shit, enforced by guns. That´s a big confession: I´m a horrible person and only the government wanna help me to buy my vote out of contempt, hahah.”
17:55 “It raised the demand for virtue for there to be no welfare state, right? Because if there´s a welfare state you don’t have to be good to be supported- You don’t have to help people to be helped in return. You just have to sell your fucking vote like a cheap dime store truck stop whore. You just sell your vote rather than be a good person. You sell of the future of your children rather than be a good person. You sell of the stability of your country and the savings of your forefathers. You sell of everything rather than getting out of you fucking chair and be a good person and help the world. You´ll sell off any shit that you want, you´ll sell off others peoples kidneys to get a diet coke, because no one wants’ to bring you anything. Cause you don’t care about anyone and you don’t do anything for anyone anytime, anywhere. So you´re just some fucking parasite who goes and crawls up the ass of governments and shits out the future of his children because you can’t get of your arse and help people out in the world to the point where they will care about whether you are alive or fucking dead.
“What happens if the poor people don’t do this and nobody cares about them?”
- You are not talking about poor people! You are talking about you!! Nobody cares if you are alive, you can change that! Stop running to the government to get stuff that virtue and love should get you for free! Oh wait it not quite free, you will have to give up season 1200 of the walking dead, because that´s really important.” - Stefan Molyneux

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