fredag 1 maj 2015

Doug Casey, bla om varför vi inte bör rösta

1 maj idag. Är inte ute och demonstrerar. Roar mig istället med att se på olika Doug Casey föreläsningar. Kanske fler som gillar Dougs raka stil.

Gillar Dougs defintion på dumhet också. Håller också med Doug och Einstein om att näst efter väte så är dumhet det mest vanliga. ;-)

Doug Casey definition of stupidity: 

“Stupidity is an unwitting tendency to self destruction.” – Doug Casey

Dumhet är en ovetande tendens till självförstörelse

“It’s an inability to correlate cause and effect. That’s what makes people look stupid.” – Doug Casey

”Dumhet är en oförmåga att korrelera orsak och verkan."

”Or.. An inability to predict accurately the consequences of actions.”

Eller .. En oförmåga att förutse noggrant konsekvenserna av åtgärder.
13:40 in i videon ovan
”Five reasons you shouldn’t vote:
  • 1. “First, it’s immoral, because the whole political system is corrupt. Its based upon force and coercion. And it’s immoral for you to participate in it.”
  • 2. “It just get your name into a another government computer bank. You are identifying yourself further to the government.”
  • 3. Third reason: “It just encourages them!” Nobody with any sense is actually voting for one of these jerks. They are voting against the other guy. But the guy they wind up voting for think that it’s actually a vote for him. So it just encourages them. It keeps the system going.”
  • 4. “It degrading to you as a human being to stand around a government office. To identify yourself to vote. Hang around the people who do this kind of thing.”
  • 5. “Your vote doesn’t count! It counts about as much as a grain of sand on the beach. And I didn’t even get from there to saying: Anyway it not who votes that count, it’s like Stalin correctly observed; it’s who counts the votes!”

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